We Guarantee Rent Payments, Eliminate Turnover, And Professionally Clean and Maintain Your Rental Property...

While You Keep 100% Of The Rent!

Looking for your next tenant? Give us a try!


Is There Any Charge For Working With You?

There are no fees, charges, or hidden costs whatsoever to work with us. We sign a 6 or 12 month lease and provide a deposit, just like a typical tenant.


Who Would Be Staying In My Property?

Our guests are business leisure travelers who are seeking something different. We deliver the “un-hotel” experience to our guests.


How Do I See If My Property Will Qualify?

Your place may be exactly what we’re looking for. To find out if it’s a fit for both of us, just click CONTACT US below and we’ll be in touch!

Ready To Get Your Property Rented?

Ready To Get Your Property Rented?



  • Daily & weekly professional cleanings
  • pet free and smoke free tenants
  • minor maintenance covered by us

We Can,

At Zero Cost To You!

  • minimal applicances and water use
  • lower wear and tear
  • secure keyless entry
  • automatic monthly rental payments

From the desk of Logan Snyder:

Hi Landlords,

Do you have a property you need to rent? We are a local hospitality company here in the Shenandoah Valley, and we're looking for rentals just like yours!

We started Happier Landlord to help all you awesome property owners do two things:

#1. Maximize Cashflow.

#2. Minimize Stress.

Every Landlord I've ever spoken with has a story that always ends the same way. Losing cashflow.

That's why selecting the right tenant is so important. Because it's going to determine your level of stress and profit.

So give us a shot at being your favorite tenant! You have nothing to lose (except stress) and everything to gain!


Logan Snyder


Happier Landlord